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As an individual you have many dreams…

•    A college education for your child from a prestigious university 
•    A dream wedding for your beloved daughter 
•    Your spiritual journey to perform Hajj 
•    A comfortable retired life with enough savings to take care of you and your loved ones 
•    Any other financial objectives you may want to achieve 
There's nothing better than the Al-Islami Saving & Takaful Plan to fulfill your dreams the Islamic Way! Based on your saving capacity, Al-Islami Saving & Takaful Plan offers you a range of investment options to suit your risk profile, with most flexible payment options. 

What is Al-Islami Savings & Takaful Plan?

A Shari’ah compliant programme that is designed to help your savings grow over time and thus secure your future and the future of your loved ones. The program is also designed to offer protection from unforeseen circumstances, by combining its savings plan with Takaful protection in accordance with Shari’a principles. The product is offered in association with FWU AG, a leading financial services group based in Germany and Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited.

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