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Branchless Banking

Dubai Islamic Branchless Banking - The Bank that Comes to you’ is a revolutionary concept providing our customers at public and convenient locations, an online, integrated Alternate Service Delivery Channel to conduct their banking transactions. The locations include Shopping Malls, Societies, Clubs, Commercial Markets, Corporate Clients and Schools where our banking customers exist. We continue to grow organically and increase our Branchless Banking Network across Pakistan.

To locate our Branchless Banking Booths and to find out about their operation timings, please click on Booth locater for assistance.

Branches Banking Service Menu

The Services menu has been designed keeping in mind our Customer’s needs. Both Branchless Banking Accounts and Full Service Regular Branch Banking Customers can utilize Branchless Banking Services. 

The Services are as follows:  

Domestic Money Transfer Service - Dubai Islamic FOREE PAISA

Through Dubai Islamic Foree Paisa anyone with a valid CNIC can send and receive money instantly to and from family, friends etc. through any DIBPL branch or Branchless Banking Booths in a secure, convenient and efficient manner. This will be a real time transaction where funds will be made immediately available from any branch or Branchless Banking Booth.                                                 

Product Features:

Some prominent features of Dubai Islamic Foree Paisa are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Instant Transfer of Funds, available for collection in a few minutes
  • Any Valid Nadra CNIC holder can send or receive money.
  • Online/Real time transaction done in a safe and secure environment.
  • Permanent Bank Staff will handle the transaction.                                                                                                                                  
  • Service Available across the DIBPL branch and Branchless Banking Booth network
  • Strict Security Controls through PIN Code and CNIC Validation.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support through Dubai Islamic Phone Banking.
  • Available to customers of all mobile networks.
  • Instant SMS confirmation of transaction to sender and receiver.



The tier base grid for various transaction slabs along with relevant charges with FED breakup is mentioned below:



Charges (PKR)



Total Charges









































To find out where the nearest DIBPL Branchless Banking Booth is located by clicking here.

International Home Remittance Pay out

International Home Remittance beneficiaries can collect their remittance through designated branchless banking booths. This facility is offered against approved Money Transfer Operators already having agreement with the bank including Western Union & Express Money. 

Cash & Cheque Collection     

School, Society, foundation, Institutes, Clubs, etc. can be contracted by the bank for cash & Cheque collections from their customers. These services are offered through designated branchless banking locations. The collections are deposited into the beneficiary account. Furthermore, the A/C holders may choose to pay the same through our alternate delivery channels accessible to the respective account type (as & when this service is made available on the respective alternate delivery channel). The bank may charge for the collection services as per the contract terms.  

Utility Bills Payment
Utility Bills can be paid at our Branchless Banking Booths.

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

1.   Branchless Banking Accounts

Cash-in and Cash-out services are offered to DIBPL customers through the branchless banking Booths. The branchless banking transaction limits are apply to Branchless Banking Accounts. The transaction requests can be processed through SMS banking.

2.   Account-to-Account Fund Transfer
Branchless Banking Customers can transfer funds to Regular or other Branchless Banking Customers using SMS banking facility. Similarly Regular customers can also transfer funds to Branchless Banking Customers using SMS Banking Facility. 

3.  Statement of Account
An electronic Statement of Account (for a maximum of last six months) via e-mail can be requested through SMS banking. Furthermore, a Printed Statement of Account can be obtained from the Booth.  

4.  Servicing Minors’ Accounts 
We can extend our Branchless Banking Account Services to Minors’ and in return encourage young savers
5.  Account Opening 
Level ‘1’ Branchless Banking Accounts can be opened through Branchless Banking Booths.

6.  Account Inquiry and Complaint Registration
Branchless Banking Counter staff can answer Account inquiries and register complaints. They can also record customer feedback and pass it on to Service & Quality department for onward communication within the bank.

7.  Internet and Phone Banking Access 
Self Service access is be available for both services. Branchless Banking Booth staff are assist customers for registration and usage. 

Exclusive Services for Branch customers

Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

Cash Deposit and Withdrawal Services are offered to DIBPL regular branch customers through branchless banking Booth. The transaction limits are determined by the bank.

For Cash deposits, customers can also deposit money at the Branchless Banking Booth. For Cash withdrawals customers are be able to encash cheques at the Branchless Banking Booth after signature verification in addition to withdrawing money using SMS Banking.

Account-to-Account Fund Transfer

Full Service regular Bank Customers can use in house cheques to transfer funds to other customers of the bank. Internal Funds transfer limits per transaction are apply. 

Pay order/Demand Draft Delivery

Pay order/Demand Draft can be delivered from the Branchless Banking Booth to the customer or authorized representative after proper verification. The instrument are be issued by the branch and are be delivered to the Branchless Banking Booth through rider for onward delivery to the customer or authorized representative.
Statement of Account

A Printed Statement of Account are be available from the Booth. 

Cheque Collection 

From Full Service regular branch customers, Cheques, Pay orders and Demand Drafts can be collected at the branchless banking booth for onward delivery to the branch for clearing. 

Cheque Book Delivery 

Branch Customers would be able to pick-up their Cheque Books from the BB Booths. The cheque Books are be forwarded to the BB Booth through designated rider for onward delivery to the Customer. 

ATM Card Delivery

Branch Customers would be able to pick-up un-activated ATM Cards from the BB Booths. The ATM Cards are be forwarded to the BB Booth through designated rider for onward delivery to the Customer. 

Returned Cheques Delivery

Branch Customers would be able to pick-up returned cheques from the BB Booths. The returned cheques are be forwarded to the BB Booth through designated rider for onward delivery to the Customer. 

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