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1. Who can apply for Business Finance facility?

  Self Employed Professional (SEP)

  Self Employed Businessman (SEB)

2. In how many cities is Business Finance Facility available?





3. What is the minimum and maximum financing limit available for Business Finance?

  New to Bank    Rs 500K – 20 million

  Transfer of finance from another bank     Rs 500K – 20 million

4. What is the product Structure/mode of finance?

It is based upon the following modes of Shari’a

  Shirkat ul Melk (Co-ownership) where the Bank and the Customer jointly own the Asset &

  Ijara of the Bank’s share to the Customer (Lease)

5. Who can be Co-partner?

Only spouse and immediate blood relatives (Son, Father, brother and mother) except daughter & sister, can be co-partners.

6. Can a commercial property be financed or not?

As per State Bank’s Regulations for Consumer Financing, only residential property is allowed to be financed under Business Finance product.

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