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About E-Savings Account

We value your time.

No more waiting in ques.

Banking within your reach.

For the first time in Pakistan, DIBPL gives you the power to control your financial future from anywhere and anytime. From opening your account to conducting transactions, E-Savings Account offers you a banking experience like never before. Enjoying convenience, 24/7 connectivity and high profit rates was never this easy.


• Online Account Opening: Leading the way, DIBPL enables you to initiate your account opening request from the comfort of your home or office. Just log onto  our website, and get connected to your E-Savings account 24/7 after fulfilling the necessary requirements.

• Higher profit rates: Enjoy attractive profit rates on unrestricted Mudaraba basis. Profits will be calculated on the average balance of the month and paid on six monthly basis*  (sum of daily ending balances divided by total number of days for the current profit distribution period) (please refer to historical profits paid and prevailing weightages)

Easy Banking

• Deposits  over the counter or via Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs)

• Cash withdrawals through ATM/VISA Debit Card only

• Free Internet & Mobile Banking

• SMS Banking

• Free 24/7  Phone Banking

Other Features

• Only for Pakistani residents

• Offered only in PKR

• Opening balance requirement of PKR 1000

• No issuance of cheque book


*However, profit for the month will be paid at the basic tier / slab (Less than Rs. 10k) if you conduct more than one debit transaction in a month. 

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