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Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the first Islamic Bank in the world. Its parent company, Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC was established in 1975 and is a pioneer in Islamic Finance. It has combined traditional Islamic values with technology and innovation to become one of its kind, globally.

Sharia Structure

Asaan Current Account means a call deposit Account in which funds deposited by the Customer with the Bank under the Current Account are on the basis of Qard and therefore shall be payable by the Bank upon demand. The Bank may at its discretion utilize such funds as it deems fit.

Asaan Savings Account is an investment account of the Account Holder opened and maintained with the Bank, on the basis of unrestricted Mudaraba contract in accordance with the principles of Shari'a. The Bank invests these deposits in its Mudaraba pool with other deposits and the shareholders’ equity. The net profit on the pool shall be distributed amongst the shareholders and depositors on the basis of the weightages (if applicable) that are announced before the beginning of each month. The Bank in its capacity as the Mudarib (Investment Manager), shall be entitled to receive [50%] of the profits or such other percentage as the Bank may prescribe and announce through various modes of communication including the Bank’s website from time to time. These weightages and profit sharing ratio (PSR) are then used to calculate the actual profit rates for the respective products based on actual financial performance of the month.

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