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The Right Business Partner

“Dubai Islamic Business Account” is a transactional account which is designed to provide the best possible combination of banking services by understanding your business needs. Just by maintaining PKR 100,000/-, you can avail multiple free services.

Sharia Structure

By investing in the Dubai Islamic Business Savings Account, the depositor (Fund Provider or Rab-ul-Maal) authorizes DIBPL (Mudarib or Investment Manager) to invest his/her funds under the unrestricted Mudaraba contract. DIBPL invests these deposits in its Common Mudaraba Pool along with other deposits and the shareholders’ equity. The profit on the Common Mudaraba Pool is distributed amongst the shareholders and depositors on the basis of agreed upon weightages which take into consideration the tenor, amount of deposit and profit payment frequency for the account.

What Return Should I Expect?

This product is Mudarabah based which provides a wide range of free services; therefore the return (profit) will be minimal and in case of loss the customer will be liable to share the loss, if any. Historical Profit Rates and prevailing weightages are available on our website You can also obtain the same at any of our branches or by calling our 24/7 Call Center at 111-786-DIB (342).


Features of the Business Account

Big Benefits – Best Facilities:

Account Balance Inquiry
Transactions Details
Visa Debit Card Activation
Visa Debit Card Blocking
(Temporary and Permanent)
Internet Banking Registration
Registration of Complaints

Request based Transactions*
Cheque Book Issuance Request
Duplicate Statement Request
Visa Debit Card Replacement Request
Visa Debit Card Pin Request
Pay Order / Demand Draft Request
Term Deposit Booking Instructions

*Request based transactions will be executed during banking hours.