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Dubai Islamic Business Finance is a Shari’a compliant term finance facility which provides a complete solution for fulfilling the financial needs of your business. Using the Shirkatul Melk cum Ijara model, DIBPL enters into a Shirkatul Melk relationship with you by purchasing an undivided share of your residential property and subsequently leases to you this undivided share in the property against monthly rentals thus helping you in fulfilling your business needs conveniently and in a fully Shari’a compliant manner. This product is available for new as well as those who already have a business finance facility from another bank and wish to bank the Islamic Way!

Dubai Islamic Business Finance offers two product variants:

  • Purchase of undivded share (New to Bank / Fresh)
  • Purchase of undivided share of property from other banks (Balance Transfer)

How it works

  • Our Relationship Officer will visit and help you complete the Business Finance application form
  • Once your application has been analyzed and approved you will receive a facility advising letter stating the terms of offer and the finance amount you are eligible for
  • Upon sale of an undivided share of your property to the Bank, the purchase price, which would be, the amount stated in the facility advising letter, will be handed over to you or deposited into your account
  • You will then be required to execute a lease agreement (Payment Agreement) to lease DIBPL’s undivided share of the property for an agreed number of years against monthly rentals. To complete the transaction, you will be required to sign the remaining transaction documentation
  • After successful completion of the Lease term, DIBPL will sell its undivided share in the property to you for a nominal price


There are so many reasons that make Dubai Islamic Business Finance the right choice!

  • The only product of its kind available in the market
  • 100% Shariah Compliant
  • Minimum financing amount of Rs. 500,000
  • Maximum financing of up to Rs. 20 million
  • Fastest processing time
  • Affordable monthly payment plan
  • Financing up to 70% of your property value
  • Finance Enhancement option as per the applicable terms
  • Early & Partial settlement option as per the applicable terms
  • Tenor Rescheduling option as per the applicable terms


Customer Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani National
  • Age 25-60 years
  • Minimum monthly net income of Rs.50,000 for Self-employed/ Businessmen/Professionals

Property Eligibility Criteria

  • The qualifying property must be located in Cities (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi) of Pakistan
  • The minimum value of the property must be greater than Rs.2,000,000

Documents Required

  • Copy of primary applicant’s CNIC
  • Copy of Co-partner’s CNIC, if necessary
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs
  • Tax Returns
  • Copy of Utility Bill
  • Professional Degree (for self-employed professionals only)
  • Proof of Profession
  • Bank statement of the last 12 months & Bank Certificate


Contact Details of the Concerned Personnel/Representatives

To know more about the Dubai Islamic Business Finance Products, please call DIBPL Phone Banking at 111-786-DIB (342). You may also visit or contact our dedicated personnel/representatives at the following address and contact numbers:

City : Karachi
Dir Tel : 021-35203670
Address : Karim Chambers CL5, 6/2 Civil Lines Karachi

City : Lahore
Dir Tel : 042-5788836
Address : Gulberg Branch 10K Main Boulevard Gulberg II Lahore.

City : Faisalabad
Dir Tel : 041-8555471
Address : 575-B, Millat Plaza, People’s Colony, Satiana Road, Faisalabad

City : Rawalpindi/Islamabad
Dir Tel : 051-4852081
Address : 67A Satelitte Town Murree Road Rehmanabad.

For more details, visit our nearest Sales & Service Centre or Branch or contact at 111-786-342 / email

DIBPL Sales Centers

  • Consumer Sales Office KHI-4th Floor, Karim Chambers CL5, 6/2 Civil Lines Karachi.
    Tel : 021- 35203674, 021-35205407
  • Consumer Sales Office LHR-Ground Floor, 10 K Main Boulevard Gulberg II Lahore.
    Tel: 042-35788935
  • Consumer Sales Office FSD- 1st Floor Millat Plaza, Satiana Road Faisalabad.
    Tel: 041-8555490
  • Consumer Sales Office RWP/ISD-Ground Floor-Plot no 67 A Satellite Town Muree Road Rehmanabad Rawalpindi.
    Tel: 051-4852090


Who can apply for Business Finance facility?

  • Self Employed Professional (SEP)
  • Self Employed Businessman (SEB)

In how many cities is Business Finance Facility available?

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad
  • Faisalabad

What is the minimum and maximum financing limit available for Business Finance?

New to Bank    Rs 500K – 20 million
Transfer of finance from another bank     Rs 500K – 20 million

What is the product Structure/mode of finance?

It is based upon the following modes of Shari’a
Shirkat ul Melk (Co-ownership) where the Bank and the Customer jointly own the Asset & Ijara of the Bank’s share to the Customer (Lease)

Who can be Co-partner?

Only spouse and immediate blood relatives (Son, Father, brother and mother) except daughter & sister, can be co-partners.

Can a commercial property be financed or not?

As per State Bank’s Regulations for Consumer Financing, only residential property is allowed to be financed under Business Finance product.