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The Corporate Banking & Finance team of Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan is focused on providing tailor-made Shariah Compliant solutions to fulfill the financial requirements of the large multinational and local public and private enterprises of Pakistan.

Our Corporate clients are facilitated with exclusive services from our dedicated teams of Relationship Managers, through our offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala We are geared up to serve our customer’s credit, trade, foreign exchange, investment banking and various other business requirements in a hassle free, effective and efficient manner.

We have an array of products catering to the working capital, trade, project financing and BMR requirements of our customers operating in a variety of sectors including Power, Cement, Textile, Automobile, Consumer Goods, Food, Health, Services and many other important segments of Pakistan’s economy.

Our Relationship teams work in close liaison with our extremely capable Product Development teams to structure products according to specific needs of the customers. Our general product suite is as follows:

Working Capital Products

Long Term Financing Products

Trade Products

Trade Services


Murabaha is a sale contract where the seller discloses its cost and profit to the buyer. Murabaha to the purchase orderer means a sale wherein the bank, upon request by the customer, purchases an item from another party and sells the same after getting its possession to the customer on cost plus profit on spot or deferred payment basis. Our Corporate customers utilize this product mainly to fulfill their raw material procurement requirements.

Istisna cum Wakala

Istisna’ is a contract of sale of specified items to be manufactured or constructed and delivered by the manufacturer or builder (contractor) to the customer upon completion. Islamic banks after getting the delivery of the manufactured goods, sell the goods normally, through their agents in the market. Our corporate customers who are in manufacturing business utilize this product to meet various working capital needs.


Tijarah is used for providing financing facility in transactions where final / transformed goods are available for sale. This facility enables our corporate customers to sell their finished goods, meet their working capital requirements and enjoy the benefits of cash sales. Tijarah facility can be availed by trading and manufacturing concerns and can also be used to facilitate customers to convert their interest based financing facilities to Islamic banking.   

Wakala Istithmar – Local Sales

Wakala Istithmar is an Investment Agency whereby one party (principal – bank) appoints another party (customer) as its agent, to invest the capital in agent’s working capital.

Running Musharakah

Running Musharakah is available to our corporate customers as substitute to Conventional Banking Running Finance Facility for providing them the flexibility of Running Finance in a Shariah Compliant manner. Clients now can issue cheques and withdraw cash as per their needs within the limit of the Running Musharakah provided by the bank. They can deposit their collection in the Running Musharakah Account whenever they receive it. The customers availing our Running Musharakah facility are only required to pay profit to the bank for the net capital extended under Running Musharakah Facility to the clients.

Shirkat-ul-Melk cum Ijarah

It is a combination of two contracts namely Musharakah and Ijarah. As per this product, the Bank and the customer form a Musharakah to purchase the asset. After this the bank leases its share to the customer for a pre-specified term through Ijara Agreement. This Shariah Compliant long term facility is utilized by our customers to finance capital expenditure, plant expansion, BMR etc.

Diminishing Musharakah

Diminishing Musharakah is a form of partnership, which ends with the complete ownership of a partner (customer) who purchases the share (in the form of Units) of another partner (Bank) in that project by a redeeming mechanism agreed between both of them. This product is most commonly used for the financing of fixed and movable assets, long term projects, etc.


Ijarah based Sukuk

– Based on financial lease concept, involves ‘sale and lease-back’ of assets with resale of assets for principal redemption. Transfer of the legal right to enjoy the asset to a funding company in exchange for a rental payment who also issues the Sukuk

Musharaka based Sukuk

– Based on ‘joint-venture’ concept involving two or more Musharaka Partners (Obligor and Issuer). Musharaka is a contractual agreement and need not have a distinct legal personality. Musharaka Partners are required to invest capital into the Musharaka pool for the purposes of generating a return; one partner (Obligor) to act as Managing Partner.

Fleet Finance

Our Corporate customers can also avail Fleet Financing facility through the Corporate Banking platform. The customers can utilize this facility for providing cars of different make and models to their staff or to strengthen their logistical support. This one-stop shop facility operates under Shirkat-ul-Melk cum Ijarah model of financing.

Import Murabaha

Import Murabaha is a product, used to finance a commercial transaction which consists of purchase by the Bank (generally through an undisclosed agent) the goods from the foreign supplier and selling them to the customer after getting the title to and possession of the goods. Murabaha financing is extended to all types of trade transactions i.e., under Documentary Credits (LCs), Documentary Collections and Open Account.

Islamic Export Refinance

Our export oriented customers can avail this facility to obtain financing at subsidized rates in a Shariah Compliant manner. This facility is extended by DIB with support from State Bank of Pakistan in order to facilitate our export based customers.

Wakala Istithmar – Pre Manufacturing

This is an Investment Agency whereby one party (principal – bank) appoints another party (customer) as its agent, to invest the capital provided by the agent. The target sector for this product is export oriented industries. It facilitates our export based customers to obtain financing against their future export orders. This facility can be availed under FE-25 or Islamic Export Refinance Scheme.

Wakala Istithmar – Post Manufacturing

This is an Investment Agency whereby one party (principal – bank) appoints another party (customer) as its agent, to invest the capital provided by the agent. The target sector for this product is export oriented industries. It facilitates our export based customers to obtain financing against their manufactured export merchandised ready to be shipped. This facility can be availed under FE-25 or Islamic Export Refinance Scheme.

Letters of Credit

Our Corporate Banking offers the complete suite of trade services to facilitate our customers. We are geared to handle all customer requirements for Letters of Credit. Dubai Islamic Bank has relationship arrangements with leading banks in Pakistan and around the globe which enables acceptance of LCs issued by DIBPL at all major trade destinations.

Letters of Guarantee

At corporate banking, we handle issuance of Letters of Guarantee on behalf of our customers. We issue various types of guarantee instruments such as Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds and Payment Bonds etc. as per the requirements of various public and private entities.

Registered Import Contracts

Our customers can also utilize our services for issuance of registered Import Contracts to fulfill their import requirements. The customers do not require separate limits for issuance of Bank Contracts from our counters.

Collection and Negotiation of Export Documents

We offer all export related services including collection of export documents and processing of proceeds. We also provide negotiating services to our export oriented customers under Shariah approved product structures.

Forward Cover

Our customers can protect themselves from exchange rate risks arising out of volatile currency movement scenario using our Forward Cover offering. A Shariah Compliant forward exchange contract between bank and its customer is where rate of exchange is fixed immediately, for the buying and selling of one currency for another, for delivery at an agreed future date.

Inward and Outward Remittance

Our Corporate customers can avail inward and outward remittance services in line with allowances made by State Bank of Pakistan. We handle remittance business of various types across various business segments of the economy.