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Please be aware of fraudulent emails and websites that attempt to obtain your banking information


Dubai Islamic Bank is not responsible if customers do not comply with the above guidelines

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Transferring Money to Your Bank Account Now at Your Finger Tips!

Dubai Islamic Bank introduces yet another innovative service for Western Union beneficiaries in Pakistan.

Now you can collect your remittances sent via Western Union from the comfort of your home. Our Call center representatives are at your service 24/7x 365 days a year. Simply dial 0800-11-DIB (342), provide your MTCN number, CNIC, and your account number (linked with 1LINK or MNET) to get your remittance transferred directly to your bank account. You are welcome to avail this service even if you do not maintain an account with DIBPL.

Its Safe

Its Fast

It’s Free

How to Transfer

To Send Money

  1. Walk-in to any branch office of Our Alliances’
  2. Follow their process of Funds Transfer
  3. Take the secret code and receipt from the teller; and
  4. Convey the secret code to the receiver in Pakistan

To Receive Money

  1. Visit any DIBPL branch across Pakistan,
  2. Present your valid CNIC and fill out a simple form,
  3. Provide the secret code on the form and collect the payment in Rupees

Use of IBAN for Remittance

We would like to inform you about the State Bank Pakistan’s IBAN implementation. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a global standard for identifying bank accounts for a more efficient and secure mode of cross-border money transfers. Your unique IBAN # for this account is stated above with your account number, which should be used for receiving cross border remittance into your account.

The composition of your IBAN includes your ten digit account number starting from right to left and a prefix of 14 alphanumeric characters, which makes your IBAN number globally unique.

In near future it will be made mandatory for remitters to provide the IBAN number of the beneficiary at the time of sending remittances to Pakistan. Hence, as a beneficiary it is imperative to keep your IBAN numbers handy and request your remittances senders to start mentioning the IBAN number at the time of sending remittances to Pakistan.

You are important to us, no matter how small or large your banking needs may be and we promise to take care of you. If you have any further queries, feel free to call Dubai Islamic Phone Banking at 111-786-DIB (342).

Branchless Banking Home Remittance Account

Home Remittance, Made Rewarding!

Dubai Islamic Bank introduces Home Remittance product offering for Pakistani Nationals.

Now you can receive your international remittances sent from various locations across the World from the comfort of your home.

Our Alliances

Western Union

Western Union is a World leader in global money transfer business. There are 435,000 agent locations in over 20 countries. Alliances with local banks are already in place; JS Bank and Summit Bank. There are huge transaction volumes because of superior network footprint. Click here for Terms & Conditions

UAE Exchange

UAE based Money Transfer Company operating since 1980. Today, the company has direct operations in 5 continents; America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. There are 50 Correspondent banking relationships around the globe and over 100 branches. These are specialist in remittances to Pakistan.

Habib Express

Operating since 2006 and registered with the Money Services Business in Canada (Registration No. MO8632222). Sister concern is Habib Qatar International Exchange, which has six online branches in operation with a total turnover of over $1 billion with a network of 70 correspondent banks. Countries of operation for Habib Express include – Canada, UK, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines.

Xpress Money

Xpress Money is registered in UK. It’s an agent network of 52,000 spanning 80 countries. It comprises an average of 200,000 monthly transactions to Pakistan.