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Introducing The First Islamic Visa Debit Card in Pakistan. Globally Accepted Shari'a Compliant Card.

Open an account with us and get your Visa Debit Card to start enjoying the following benefits!

Global Acceptance

The DIBPL Visa Debit Card is linked with the global Visa network allowing you to access  your account from over 24 million merchants and one million ATMs around the globe. You also have the flexibility of using this card at all 1Link and MNET ATMs in Pakistan giving you instant access to your bank account any time of the day or night.


Using your Visa Debit Card is quicker than visiting a bank, safer than carrying cash and easier than writing cheques. With your card, you have your bank account in your pocket.

ATM Cash Withdrawal

Your Visa Debit Card allows you to withdraw up to Rs. 50,000 per day at any ATM across Pakistan. You can also withdraw the equivalent amount in foreign currency at an international ATM wherever the PLUS sign is displayed.

Funds Transfer across Accounts

You can use your Visa Debit Card to transfer funds across accounts. You daily limit for this transaction is set at Rs. 300,000.

Balance Inquiry

Your Visa Debit Card can be used to check your account balances an unlimited number of times at any ATM in Pakistan or at over 1 million ATMs around the world!

Mini Statement

You can check your account balance through a mini statement at DIBPL ATMs. This will give you details of the last 5 transactions carried out on your card.

Global Customer Assistance Services

DIBPL Visa Debit Card users can receive global assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from VISA Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS) while traveling overseas. This service can be used for lost/stolen card reporting or any other urgent queries. Please click here to see an updated list of GCAS numbers.

Zero Loss Liability

If your card is lost/stolen, immediately call us at Dubai Islamic Phone Banking on 111-786-DIB (342) to report the loss/theft. Once you have reported the lost/theft to the bank, we will bear the financial liability for any transactions conducted on your card after your call.

Your Visa Debit Card is a substitute for cash and needs to be given the same attention and care. Always keep it in your wallet and do not leave it unattended. Try to learn these simple rules and you will never face any problems with your card.

When you receive your First Islamic Visa Debit Card

  • Call us at 111-786-DIB (342) to activate your card and to select your ATM PIN.
  • Do not choose an obvious PIN combination like your phone number or date of birth.
  • Memorize your PIN combination and never write it down.
  • Sign the signature panel at the back of the card immediately.
  • Do not tell anyone your PIN and keep changing it regularly.

While shopping

  • Check the sales slip to ensure the amount is correct and the total has been filled in before you sign.
  • Do not use your card at merchant locations that do not possess electronic point of sale terminals.
  • Make sure the retailer gives the card back to you along with your copy of the voucher.
  • Keep your card close to you – beware of pickpockets.

At Home

  • Keep your sales and cash machine receipts and check them against your card or bank statement.
  • Call Dubai Islamic Phone Banking immediately if an amount is incorrect or you spot a transaction you did not
  • Keep a list of your card numbers along with the telephone numbers you should call if they are lost or stolen.
  • Keep your Global Customer Assistance Service numbers at the back of this booklet handy when you travel

At an ATM

  • Always look for a well lit ATM to carry out your transactions.
  • Check for strangers nearby and make sure you enter your PIN number without making it obvious.
  • Take your receipt from the ATM machine so you have a record with you in case of any dispute that may arise
  • Don’t forget to take your ATM card back from the machine.

Additional General Safety Tips for your Visa Debit Card

  • Please do not expose your card to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid bending your card.
  • If a new card is issued, please destroy your old card by cutting it in two halves through the magnetic strip.
  • Never give your card to anyone under any circumstances.
  • If you move to a new house make sure you contact us to get your address updated.

While traveling abroad, please keep these numbers with you for emergency assistance at all times.

Angola 1-800-847-2911
Antigua 1-800-847-2911
Argentina 0800-666-0171
Aruba 800-1518
Australia 1-800-125-440
Austria Dial 0800-200-288 

Then 800-892-8143

Bahamas 1-800-847-2911
Bahrain 8000-006
Barbados 1-800-847-2911
Belgium 0800-1-8397
Bermuda 1-800-847-2911
Bolivia 800-10-0188
Bonaire 001-800-847-2911
Brazil 0800-891-3680
British Virgin Islands 1-800-847-2911
Canada 1-866-639-1911
Cayman Islands 1-800-847-2911
Chile 1230-020-2136
China Southern 10-800-110-2911
China Northern 10-800-711-2911
Columbia 01800-912-5713
Costa Rica 0800-011-0030
Curacao 001-800-847 2911
Czech Republic 800-142-121
Denmark 80-010277
Dominica 1-800-847-2911
Dominican Republic 1-800-847-2911
Estonia 800-12001
Finland 0800-11-0057
France 0800-90-1179
Germany 0800-811-8440
Greece 00-800-11-638-0304
Grenada 1-800-847-2911
Guam 1-800-847-2911
Guatemala 1-800-999-0115
Hong Kong 800-96-7025
Hungary 06+800-17682
India Access Code 000-117 Then 866 670 0955
Indonesia 001-803-1-933-6294
Ireland 1-800-55-8002
Israel 1-800-941-1605
Italy 800-819-014
Jamaica 0-800-847-2911
Japan 00531-44-0022
Korea 00798-11-908-8212
Latvia 800-2131
Liechtenstein 0800-89-4732
Lithuania 8-800-900-28-800-406-9962
Luxembourg 0800-2012
Malaysia 1800-80-0159
Mexico 001-800-847-2911
Montserrat 1-800-847-2911
Netherlands 0800-022-3110
Nevis 1-800-847-2911
New Zealand 0800-44-3019
Norway 800-12052
Okinawa 00531-11-1555
Panama 001-800-111-0016
Philippines 1-800-1-111-9015
Portugal 800-8-11-824
Puerto Rico 1-800-847-2911
Saba 1-800-847-2911
Saint Eustatius 1-800-847-2911
Saint Kitts/Nevis 1-800-847-2911
Saint Maarten 1-800-847-2911
San Marino 800-819-014
Singapore 800-110-0344
Slovakia 0-800-000-101-800-406-9970
South Africa 0800-990-475
Spain 900-99-1124
Sweden 020-795-675
Switzerland 0800-89-4732
Taiwan 00801-10-3008
Thailand 001-800-11-535-0660
Trinidad 1888-425-0225
Trinidad/Tobago 1-800-847-2911
Turkey 00-800-13-535-0900
Turks/Caicos 0-1-800-847-2911
United Kingdom 0800-89-1725
United States 1-800-847-2911
Uruguay 00-0411-940-7915
US Virgin Islands 1-800-847-2911
Venezuela 0800-1-002167

The First Islamic Visa Debit Card is issued at all DIBPL branches. It can also be applied for online via our Internet Banking System. All you need is an account at our Bank.

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If you are a registered user of the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking system, you can request a card online. Just log in and go to the requests option. Select First Islamic Visa Debit Card and fill out the details.